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The trend of learning Japanese has been a long time in Taiwan and the number of people is increasing recently. Therefore, this phenomenon aroused my curiosity to find out the cause. I believed that there must be great influences on Taiwan young from Japan and successfully make Japanese so important in Taiwan. In this project, I will show you the Japanphile phenomena that I observed in Taiwan and analyze what Taiwan young are crazy for that, and then you will be surprised at how a small country Japan can influences us so much, even the worldwide. Especially, I will explore the main impetuses for Taiwan young starting to learn Japanese. In order to get more information on this topic, I will design surveys figure out this phenomenon and prove my hypothesis. Also, the on line resource and books will be my back up to support my point of view. After reading this research project, I believed that you will be anticipating realizing Japan further.

Purpose Statement
There is an interesting phenomenon happened in Taiwan. Even a Taiwanese who hasn’t acquired Japanese before is still able to speak a little Japanese in daily conversation. We all know that Taiwan had been colonized over 50 years by Japan, and also China and Japan had ever a miserable past about massacre. That is a terrible history for both Taiwan and China. However, now the status quo between Taiwan and Japan is very harmonious as intimate friends. Compared with other countries, Taiwanese can easily accept Japanese things including dramas, food, songs, comic books, movies, clothing, products and its language. Also, the commerce activities between Taiwan and Japan have become prosperous including the field of tourism and high technology. Surprisingly, during recent years in Taiwan, the number of the young who learn Japanese is increased quickly. However, Japanese only can be spoken in Japan, then why are many people still fascinated with it? They even believe that it is worthy to learn Japanese than other languages such as English or Spanish. Therefore, this is the phenomenon I would like to explore and find out what value or factors can make learning Japanese so popular and acceptable for the young in Taiwan.

Review of Literature
At the beginning, I would like to focus on the three factors which are culture proximity, Japanese drama affection and commerce activity. Based on the author Ten Yi, Li. (2003) research, he stated and explained the culture proximity by giving many examples and explanations for culture proximity such as words, religions, family system, custom, and values, for example, Japanese believed in Buddhism and Confucianists as Taiwanese do, and the way of eating and living are almost the same. Besides, he also discussed about how Japanese dramas became so popular in Taiwan and how did it make it. As the drama trendy started, many Taiwan young are interested in taking up Japanese.

Also, from the author Chen Ji, Chung Ken’s book, he talked about Japanese’s family systems; it’s much similar with Taiwan. Men are always the leaders and powerful, the poor women have to stay at home and take care of children. For high technology achievement by Japanese, the author Ku Chen, Li. (1989) analyzed how Japan can advance quickly just after WW II and what remarkable products and technology they have invented such as bullet train and newspaper print out system, etc. Also, he discussed about Japanese enterprises spirits and personalities.

Besides, the author Boye Lafayette De Mente. (1992) have described in detail that how the Japanese unique personality are formed and what values on everything they have. From his observation, Japanese is so proud of his nationality and traditions and it is not quite easy for Japanese to accept something outside, they are even reluctant to speak English in front of foreigners in Japan. Therefore, if Taiwanese would like to do some businesses with Japanese, the language had better be Japanese. By this way, it will make them feel comfortable and respected.

Description of Research
From my own observation in Japan for two months and own experience for learning both English and Japanese, I hypothesize the great impacts that promote the young to learn Japanese could be culture proximity, Japanese drama affection and commerce activity. In order to prove my hypothesis right, I will do the surveys first. The respondents will be focus on 18-23 years old and have to be studying Japanese right now. Later, I will make an interview with a Japanese girl in order to realize more about Japanese’s personality and the similarity between Taiwan and Japan because culture proximity may be the main point for Taiwanese’ acceptance. After a series of surveys and interview, I will expect that the final results will be in accord with my hypothesis. And the paper will examine and prove my hypothesis right or wrong.



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